Laboratory and field investigations

The company has a lot of modern field and laboratory equipment for performing various types of investigations, both on site and in the laboratory.

The main reason for purchasing the equipment and educating the personnel was to provide the maximal reliability of research works performed in the field, professional mapping and storage of samples, transport of samples and analysis in our own laboratory.

  • This is the only way to ensure the proper reliability of the results and data required in the design and construction of complex and large objects.
  • Investigations with our own equipment and personnel provide the greatest possible accuracy and assume full responsibility.
  • We perform all types of investigations on rocks, soils, mineral resources, waste, ground and other materials.


Pressure meter measurements, ground investigations, installations of vertical and horizontal inclinometers, geodetic monitoring of subsidence, installation and monitoring displacement plate, displacement points, seals etc.


  • Determination of shear stiffness and the modulus of compressibility in the oedometer
  • Atterberg limits analysis in undrained shear strength of soils and point load strength index
  • Sieve analysis and archiving analysed samples

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