A brief description of the company's development GR Investments Ltd.

The company was established in the recent period of transition as a result of new relations, niche markets, new technologies and requirements of the European Community. Our activities, principles and starting points are based on the European standards, guidelines, Eurocode standards and other relevant regulations.

Another reason for the formation of the company is the anomalies which were brought along with the transition period, in which there were different hostile takeovers. Therefore, a group of professional staff employed at the Institute IRGO and IRGO Consulting decided to set up a company with100% share in order to protect their jobs, knowledge and references, and to ensure the existence of the parent undertakings. Hence the company GR Investments Ltd. Was founded in 2007.

Due to experience from abroad and persistent introducing of innovations on the domestic market, we were among the first company in Slovenia that started conducting research and monitoring. Our activities enabled us various methods of monitoring and protection of the natural and living environment during major interventions, as well as the technical and economic optimization of facilities on the basis of the measured parameters. Today, the company is present on domestic and foreign markets, where it offers different areas of expertise, knowledge and experience.

GR Investments Ltd. deals with field and laboratory research and monitoring. The company has six regularly employed experts in the fields of geotechnology, mining, engineering geology and drilling. We also collaborate with experts from other profiles in the fields of laboratory skills, civil engineering, underground engineering, hydrogeology and others.

Excellence credit rating

  SME Excellent

GR Investments Ltd. is in higher class of excellence credit rating in Slovenia and meets the criteria of Excellence credit rating for the year 2014 and 2015. It is also one of the best Slovenian business entities that are entitled to use the AA and Excellent SME Slovenia status as a symbol of excellence credit ratings.


GR Investments Ltd. is the official representative of the EGT-EGT echnology Italy, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of drilling machinery and equipment. GRI Ltd. is a representative body for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Link to web Star Net EGT: www.egt.it

GR Investments Ltd. Is qualified for the following areas of expertise:

Monitoring and measurements

Monitoring and measurements

Monitoring on all major projects and sites in Slovenia and abroad. MORE »



Research drilling, geotechnical and geomechanical drilling. MORE »

Laboratory and field investigations

Laboratory and field investigations

All types of investigations on rocks, soils, mineral resources, waste, ground and other materials. MORE »

Designing and mining

Designing and mining

All types of mining and construction documentation for open-pit and underground mining. MORE »



Montangeological, geological, geotechnical, hydrological and other investigations. MORE »

Training and gathering

In addition to our dedication and hard work we devote some time to professional development, updating of skills and socializing with colleagues. This helps us to maintain collective atmosphere, good relationships and recreation.
Stručno usavršavanje i druženje

In collaboration with the IRGO group we look at current projects and visit major projects abroad (tunnel Gotthard - Switzerland, Koralm tunnel - Austria ...).

We are also active in sports and recreation. We play soccer, volleyball; we participate in Ljubljana marathon and more.

In case of natural and other disasters we always participate in humanitarian activities. Our latest humanitarian aid was sent to sleet victims in Slovenia and to flood victims in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.

GR Investments Ltd.
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