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Name and type of equipmentPOSSIBILITIES OF USE
Penetrometer TG PAGANI 63-210 with equipment Used to determine stratification, composition and material characteristics of soils after SIST EN ISO 22476-2:2005 in SIST EN ISO 22467-1:2013 standard.

Probing: in coherent soils, sand, gravel
Penetration depth DPSH: h = up to 15 m
Pushing force CPTU: 100 kN (equipment 45 m)
CPTU Probe 50 Mpa - CPT 100 kN CPTU probe: qc to 50 MPa, fs to 500 kPa, u2 = 2500 kPa
Dynamic PENETROMETER DPL-Se Dynamic penetration tests to determine the soil in situ resistance to a dynamic cone penetration after SIST EN ISO 22476-2:2005 standard.
In soils, sand gravel.

No. of blows: up to50/min
Penetration depth: h = up to 5 m
Specialty: suitable for inaccessible terrain, portable.
Flat dilatometer DMT - 2 pieces Used to determine stratification, composition and material characteristics of soils after SIST-TS CEN ISO/TS 22476-11:2008 standard
Digital inclinometer System MSG + 50 m cable Used to measure inclinations in vertical boreholes

Depth: up to 50 m
Scale range: ± 30°
Precision: ± 2mm/25m
Horizontal Inclinometer - Probe Used to obtain high resolution profiles of settlement or heave

Depth: up to 150 m
Measuring range: ± 30°
Percision: ± 2mm/25m
Glötzl drum for cable + 50K cable Cable for digital inclinometer system.

Depth: up to 50 m
Shear test apparatus for soils MATEST Used to determine the resistance of shearing of all types of soil speciments after SIST-TS CEN ISO/TS 17892-10:2004 standard

Shear cell: 60 x 60 mm
Shear force: to 5 kN
Shear speed: from 0.00001 to 10 mm/min
Shear test apparatus for rocks MATEST Used to determine the resistance of shearing of rocks after ASTM D5607 standard

Shear cell: 100 x 100 x 100 mm
Shear force: to 5 kN.

+ Apparatus for the rock7concrete sample preparation
Test sieves
Type: A052, A031 (0,063-125 mm)
Set of sieves for gran size distribution determination after SIST-TS CEN ISO/TS 17892-4:2004 standard

Sieve diameter: 0.063 mm - 125 mm
Consolidation frame S 290 - 2 pieces Used to consolidate soil samples for direct shear.

Max load: 550 kg
Lever for weighting the sample: 10 : 1
Pocket penetrometer - S065/66 Designed for quick determination of soil consistency, shear strength

Scale range: 0 - 500 kPa
Vertical transducer - S336-11 Linear potentiometric vertical and horizontal transducer.

Scale range: 10 mm
Strain gauge - C361-11 and C361-12 Mechanical gauge for measuring and monitoring of the development of cracks and dilatation.

Precision of digital indicator: 0.001 mm
Scale range: 100 mm
Micro reader Microscopic reader to measure the width of cracks and structure of concrete.

Reading precision: 0.02 mm
Magnification: x 35
Scale range: 4 mm
Electrical drilling set for cutting specimens Device for cutting cylindrical speciments from irregular rock blocks

Drilling speed: 1550/2700 rpm
Hoek cell - A139 Used to measure the strength of cylindrical rock specimens which are subjected to triaxial compression after ASTM D7012-04 standard

Specimen diameter: 54 mm
Lateral pressure: up to 700 bar.
Extruder - A141 Used to eject rock sample from rubber jacket.

Specimen diameter: 54 mm
Ultrasonic tester Used for determination of dynamic elastic rock properties after ASTM D2845-08 standard.

Frequency: 55 kHz.
Menard pressumeter Used to record so as to obtain the stress-strain relationship of the soil as tested after SIST EN ISO 22476-4:2013 standard

Probe: AX Φ44 mm, BX, Φ60 mm
Mini Mate Plus: DS-077
Mini Mate Plus: DS-077/3
Blas Mate Series II: Tip: DS-477
Blas Mate Series III: Tip:DS-567
Seismic measurements of vibrations on residential and other buildings, bridges, underpasses, dams, tunnels and other facilities in accordance with the Ur.l. RS, št. 111/03 and standards: DIN-4150 1-3 in ÖNORM S 9020

Measurement range: »v« (mm/s) = 0.1 - 50 (mm/s) at frequency: (f Hz) = < 10 Hz - 100 Hz*
Noise monitoring terminal Brüel&Kjaer-Type3535 with equipment

Portable noise monitoring terminal with equipment Brüel&Kjaer -Type 2250
Instruments are designed for continuated and periodic evaluation monitoring of noise sources and limit values measurement of indicators of environmental noise, on site and facilities.

Measurement range: in all segments of the environment according to Slovenian legislation: [ZVO-1-UPB1], (Ur.l.RS, št. 39/06 do 92/13 and regulations), and standards: SIST ISO 1996 - 1:2006/2:2007
Digital levels - DNA 03 Digital optical level Leica DNA 03 for precise altitude measurements with the possibility of subsequent measurements with station TCMR 1102 plus. The processing of measured data is performed by software Leica Survey Office, MS Excel and programs Plateia 5.0.

Measurements are performed with precision levelling instrument digital optical level Leica DNA 03, with accuracy: ± 0.3 mm/km, corresponding fittings of a level and invar levelling staffs.

Measurements range: high stake out, checking the height of polygons, displacement monitoring, deformations and other geodetic measurements.
Drilling rig COMACCHIO GEO 205 with drillers + drilling equipment Drilling rig FRASTE MultiDrill XL Drilling rigs for geological and geomechanical drilling in al types of rocks and soils

Possibilities and depth of drilling: with coring and with no coring, wells, inclinometers, piezometers and other drilling up to the depth of 30 m and up to 150 m.
Truck MERCEDES BENZ -Atego 1828 + PALFINGER crane For equipment and material transport with the possibility of loading with Palfinger crane. The truck has the ability for lateral and back tipping.

Truck capacity: 7.5 t
Lifting power: 3.9 t/2.5 m
Trailer SCWARZMULLER - AHZ2 Trailer for transportation of fraste multidrill xl. drilling rig and other equipment.

Maximum weight: 18 ton
Vehicle mass: 5 ton
Trailer length: 6 m
Van Mercedes FURGON - 313 CDI For transportation of equipment (drilling equipment, smaller machinery). Van is equipped with trailer hitch and and roof rack.

Loading capacity of van: 1.300 kg
Max weight on roof: 150 kg
Trailer hitch: 2.000 kg
Dimensions (l x h x w): 3.36 m x 1.84 m x 1.78 m
Compressor - XAS 97DD S.n For cleaning piezometers to a depth of 65 m.

Weight of compressor: 840 kg
Working pressure: 4.0 - 8.5 bar
Nominal air flow: 5.3 m3/min
Hydraulic winch VITEL TN09
Capacity 1000 kg + equipment
Equipment on truck , which is need to put in and out the driling pipe from geological borehole and for air-lift procedure.

Height/depth of pooling: h = up to 7 m
Power: 1 t/10 m
Speciality: Suitable for inaccessible terrain.
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