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In addition to many laboratory and field equipment, the company has experienced specialists in each area of expertise. Our research starts with the cabinet analysis and review of the existing information, professional and technical materials, followed by extensive field survey and intensive field investigations using basic equipment and devices.

If certain individual locations or areas (such as mineral deposits, river basin districts, the route of the motorway or construction areas, landslide areas and refuse dumps) require more precise parameters, we can conduct not only basic investigations but a more DETAILED FIELD RESEARCH AND TESTING. In this way, we determine the precise characteristics, parameters and guidelines of the study areas or locations required for effective and safe design and construction.

Complete control over quality and cost
The benefits of choosing our company for the implementation of field and laboratory studies lie in our MODERN FIELD AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AND EXPERTS. This allows us to perform all works – from field research and laboratory analyses to preparation of project documents
(based on the results of the conducted research).

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